[svt-event title=”Deep Learning Specialization” date=”September 2018″ class=”svt-cd-blue” ] Neural NetworksCompleted the 5 course specialization on Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Creating Programs, Implementing Projects, and Performance Tuning.[/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”(ISC)2 Triangle Chapter President” date=”March 2018″ class=”svt-cd-green” ] (ISC)2 Chapter-LogoAmazed and humbled that the Triangle (ISC)2 Chapter elected me as the president of their organization.[/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”CISSP Certification” date=”February 2018″ class=”svt-cd-yellow” ] logo-isc2-cissp-squarePassed the exam in February 2018 and currently am waiting for the board’s endorsement review.[/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”Game Theory” date=”January 2018″ class=”svt-cd-red” ] Stanford logoCompleted the Stanford Game Theory course which was a great class on calculating probabilities using big math.[/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”Cybercurrency and Blockchain Technology” date=”December 2017″ class=”svt-cd-yellow” ] Princeton University logoCompleted the Princeton Cybercurrency and Blockchain course.[/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”University of Oxford” date=”September 2017″ class=”svt-cd-blue” ] University of OxfordAccepted into Natural Sciences where I am currently learning about Astophysics and Astrobiology.  It is all remote learning but I am hoping to meet some of the professors in person next work trip to London. [/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”Cryptography” date=”July 2017″ class=”svt-cd-red” ] Stanford logoCompleted the Stanford Cryptography course which was a great class on cryptography, cryptoanalysis and using big math.[/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”OKTA Atlas Finalist” date=”June 2017″ class=”svt-cd-yellow” ] OKTAOur SSO application was named by OKTA as one of the four finalists for the 2017 Atlas award.   [/svt-event]

[svt-event title=”Bella Sisler” date=”February 2015″ class=”svt-cd-green” ]
Baby Bella SislerBella the bulldog has her own little page with more photos.  She was the inspiration for a character in Tess Mixon’s Slippers series of children’s books.

[svt-event title=”Tuna 200″ date=”November 2015″ class=”svt-cd-blue” ]
Wounded Warrior Project charityThe Tuna Run is a race from Raleigh to the east coast.  The 200 mile route is for a team of 16, and yes, I ran it as a single person team.  I only made it 105 miles after traversing a lot of the course that was washed out, but we raised over $10,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

[svt-event title=”Crewed for Ashby” date=”November 2014″ class=”svt-cd-red” ]
That Rooster playing the BanjoAshby and I met through a mutual running friend who knew we were each planning to run the 203 mile Tuna Run.  I was on Ashby’s crew and at one dark point we were both certain we saw a 20 foot rooster playing a banjo; and are fairly sure it was a hallucination.  Ashby finished by setting a new course record for individual finishes.

[svt-event title=”Hinson 24″ date=”November 2013″ class=”svt-cd-yellow” button_link=”https://john.sisler.info/running/hinson-24″ button_label=”more…” ]
John and Melissa at HinsonHinson is a 24 hour race for distance.  It is a $24 entry fee and I challenge you to find entertainment at $1/hr; as long as you don’t mind running a 1.62 mile loop for the duration.

[svt-event title=”First 100 miler” date=”October 2012″ ]
Rob after 30 mile PRRob was there for me and even though motivating me took a lot of energy he earned a personal best distance of 30 miles that day!

[svt-event title=”Jack Sisler” date=”June 2003″ class=”svt-cd-blue”]
Jack SislerJack enjoys biking, camping,  and is a webmaster for Boy Scouts Troop 244. Jack earned his Scrum Master at age 13.  You can read more about him on his website or on his LinkedIn profile.

[svt-event title=”Married Liza” date=”September 1999″ class=”svt-cd-red”]
Liza SislerLiza is the love of my life, and I know that because it is more true with each day that passes.  She enjoys tennis as often as possible and you can read about her profession on LinkedIn.

[svt-event title=”Steve Vai” date=”December 1998″ class=”svt-cd-blue”]
Steve and GijuMet Steve in Dublin Ireland…

[svt-event title=”Commissioned US Army” date=”December 1992″ class=”svt-cd-blue”]
US-Army emblemBecoming a soldier…

[svt-event title=”University of Akron” date=”December 1992″ class=”svt-cd-yellow”]
University of AkronGraduated…

[svt-event title=”Hoover High” date=”May 1988″ class=”svt-cd-green”]

[svt-event title=”Music” date=”May 1988″ class=”svt-cd-red”]