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CISSP Certification

logo-isc2-cissp-squarePassed the exam in February 2018 and currently am waiting for the board’s endorsement review.

February 2018


Game Theory

Stanford logoCompleted the Stanford Game Theory course which was a great class on calculating probabilities using big math.

January 2018


Cybercurrency and Blockchain Technology

Princeton University logoCompleted the Princeton Cybercurrency and Blockchain course.

December 2017


University of Oxford

University of OxfordAccepted into Natural Sciences where I am currently learning about Astophysics and Astrobiology.  It is all remote learning but I am hoping to meet some of the professors in person next work trip to London.

September 2017



Stanford logoCompleted the Stanford Cryptography course which was a great class on cryptography, cryptoanalysis and using big math.

July 2017


OKTA Atlas Finalist

OKTAOur SSO application was named by OKTA as one of the four finalists for the 2017 Atlas award.   

June 2017


Bella Sisler

Baby Bella SislerBella the bulldog has her own little page with more photos.  She was the inspiration for a character in Tess Mixon’s Slippers series of children’s books.

February 2015


Tuna 200

Wounded Warrior Project charityThe Tuna Run is a race from Raleigh to the east coast.  The 200 mile route is for a team of 16, and yes, I ran it as a single person team.  I only made it 105 miles after traversing a lot of the course that was washed out, but we raised over $10,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

November 2015


Crewed for Ashby

That Rooster playing the BanjoAshby and I met through a mutual running friend who knew we were each planning to run the 203 mile Tuna Run.  I was on Ashby’s crew and at one dark point we were both certain we saw a 20 foot rooster playing a banjo; and are fairly sure it was a hallucination.  Ashby finished by setting a new course record for individual finishes.

November 2014


Hinson 24

John and Melissa at HinsonHinson is a 24 hour race for distance.  It is a $24 entry fee and I challenge you to find entertainment at $1/hr; as long as you don’t mind running a 1.62 mile loop for the duration.


November 2013


First 100 miler

Rob after 30 mile PRRob was there for me and even though motivating me took a lot of energy he earned a personal best distance of 30 miles that day!

October 2012


Jack Sisler

Jack SislerJack enjoys biking, camping,  and is a webmaster for Boy Scouts Troop 244. Jack earned his Scrum Master at age 13.  You can read more about him on his website or on his LinkedIn profile.

June 2003


Married Liza

Liza SislerLiza is the love of my life, and I know that because it is more true with each day that passes.  She enjoys tennis as often as possible and you can read about her profession on LinkedIn.

September 1999


Steve Vai

Steve and GijuMet Steve in Dublin Ireland…

December 1998


Commissioned US Army

US-Army emblemBecoming a soldier…

December 1992


University of Akron

University of AkronGraduated…

December 1992


Hoover High


May 1988




May 1988