Freeze your child’s credit

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Due to the recent Equifax data breach people have been electing to freeze their credit.

Freezing credit includes contacting TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.  It is a relatively painful process unless you have 1/2 a day to wait on the phone.

If you have gone through it already then you understand, but lest we forget our children all have SSN’s too and can have credit opened on their behalf.

If you want to consider creating a credit file for your child (before someone else does) so you can freeze their credit it is even more difficult.

TransUnion has a process that is less burdensome than the others, and you will be able to freeze a minor’s credit at TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian using this form

The form is long but I put everything into fields so you only have to answer every question once.

IMPORTANT: To use the form, you need to ‘Select All’ content CTRL + A and then hit the F9 key, this will prompt you to answer all of the questions.

REALLY IMPORTANT: I didn’t build this online because i don’t want to manage your data, that is why you have to download the template and fill it out.