Being fortunate enough to attend Uni is not lost on me.  It is a unique opportunity to learn about yourself and others.

That said, I don’t believe your past defines you or that your accomplishments and thoughts are the most humane aspects of a person; despite they being singularly human.

Subscribing to such labels beyond the cultural need to identify who or where to get information basic snobbery, and as Dr. Stephen Hawking so elegantly said, “I do not know my I.Q.  People who talk about their I.Q. are losers.”

Despite that all, learning is a wonderful journey and no matter the details of your background spiritually, we are here for in a world of beauty and knowledge with eyes and minds; it seems obvious we were meant to use them.

University of OxfordEnrolledNatural Science N.A.
Stanford UniversityCompletedCryptography2017
University of AkronGraduatedC.N.E.1994
University of AkronGraduatedPhilosophy1992
University of AkronCommissionedR.O.T.C.1992
University of AkronGraduatedBiochemistry1991