Learning OpportunitiesBeing fortunate enough to attend Uni is not lost on me.  It is a unique opportunity to learn about yourself and others.

That said, I don’t believe that education based accomplishments can define a person; compared to some other aspects like kindness, education pales in comparison.

That said, in addition to kindness, I also advocate that there is always an opportunity to learn, though classes, books, or everyday conversations.  Today, with systems like Coursera, it has never been easier to learn new things from Universities.

Read a new book that a friend recommends, ask a sincere question about what someone is doing or going through, you can be surprised at what you learn and how you can grow.  Most importantly, remember that everyone has things to share so we should not pride ourselves based on our differences from others, for we have much more in common that is different.   As most elegantly stated:

I do not know my I.Q. People who talk about their I.Q. are losers. – Dr. Stephen Hawking

Learning is a wonderful journey and no matter your background if you have access to learn you should consider taking advantage of it.  We are here in a world of beauty and knowledge and, fortunately, we have eyes and minds; it seems obvious we were meant to use them.