Exploring the Universe

Chilean desert telescopeOxford astronomers Chris Lintott (BBC’s Sky at Night) and Robert Simpson (zooniverse.org) provide an overview of the last 13.7 billion years of cosmic evolution, and the future of the Universe, answering these questions and more. The course will take participants to the cutting-edge of astrophysics.



The Exploring the Universe course addresses questions like:

  • How old is the Universe?
  • How unusual is the Solar System?
  • How do we know what stars are made of?
  • How will it all end?

Covering cutting-edge ideas, techniques and discoveries in astrophysics, they aim to tell the scientific stories behind the beautiful pictures produced by the world’s largest telescopes.

Papers that have been published as part of this course are:

Exploring the Universe Certificate of completion

The Universe
University of Oxford

Dec 29, 2017