Product Manager (APDM™)

A product manager communicates product vision from the highest levels of executive leadership to development and implementation teams. The product manager is often called the product “CEO.” The product manager investigates, selects, and drives the development of products for an organization, performing the activities of product management.

A product manager considers numerous factors such as intended demographic, the products offered by the competition, and how well the product fits with the company’s business model. Generally, a product manager manages one or more tangible products. However, the term may be used to describe a person who manages intangible products, such as music, information, and services.

A product manager’s role in tangible goods industries is similar to a program director’s role in service industries.

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Product Manager Certification

Product Manager (APDM™)
International Organization for Project Management™ (IO4PM™)

Sep 28, 2016