OKTA Atlas Award Finalist

OKTA Atlas Award Finalist

OKTAOur application was nominated by OKTA as one of the four 2017 Oktane Atlas Award Finalists.

The nominated work is an SSO application that is being deployed to support 34 global regions, and was based on usability standards that were gathered from our Customer Contact Centers.

Our seasonal crunch created some challenges including a 4 week window between idea and production.

The work came together with the effort of a great people like our colleagues  Kathleen Johnson and Mike Sharp in our Customer Contact Center, Mario DeMiller from the Business Process Improvement Group, and our partners at Cardinal Solutions including Marc Denning and Eric Richardson.

The Atlas award was named for the Greek god known for carrying the earth and the heavens on his shoulders. This category recognizes customers who are effectively extending Okta and “doing it all” to manage customers, employees and partner identities on one consolidated platform.

OKTA Features include:

  • Automatic Authentication
  • Okta Application Network
  • Flexible Authentication Options
  • Personal Applications
  • User Activation
  • Browser Access
  • Mobile Access
  • Desktop SSO
  • Self-Service Admin