This is a landing page of the current and planned certifications. There are countless people I can thank like my family for support and generally the opportunities to learn.

The list will almost always be a bit behind because this is a case where I prefer to ‘do’ more than to ‘document’; but I am trying to ‘do’ and then ‘document’.

I believe it is more about the journey than any destination so the friends and memories are more important to me than the paperwork. I believe it is best said:

Do not confuse honors with achievements.
– Zadie Smith


Check mark means completed and certification is current (41)
+ Plus sign means currently studying and completing this year (5)
 Arrow means that the skill is proposed on my longer term schedule (2)

Deep Learning
Deep Learning Specialization (all 5 courses)
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization
Structuring Machine Learning Projects
Convolutional Neural Networks
Sequence Models
MBA Management
MBA Leadership
CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Okta Boot Camp
+ CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker  – exam scheduled for June 2018
Process Management
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Signavio Process Manager
Project Mangement
Project Manager
Project Requirements Analyst
Product Management
Product Manager
Product Owner
Flawless Consulting I & II
Agile Methodology
Scrum Master
Product Owner
Scrum Master Trainer
Scalar Scrum Master
Spanish I, II
+ French scheduled to complete I, II, and III December 2018
+ Klingon available on Duolingo
+ Hindi scheduled to complete I, II,  and III June 2019
German – 2019
Chinese (Mandarin) – 2020
Undergraduate Degrees
Military Science
Game Theory
Undergraduate Law – 48 lectures
Undergraduate Economics – 36 lectures
Boy Scouts of America
Woodbadge BSA
Merit Badge Counselor BSA
Webmaster Program BSA
Opal award
Okta Atlas award
US Army Commission
Group Affiliations
(ISC)2 Triangle Chapter President
Boy Scouts of America
Pembroke HOA President /Retired
SEO Hardcore LinkedIn Administrator