in t @ c f rss


This is a landing page of the current and planned certifications that I have either obtained or am currently working towards. There are countless people I can thank like my family for support and generally the opportunities to learn.

The list will almost always be a bit behind because this is a case where I prefer to ‘do’ than to ‘document’; but I am trying to ‘do’ and then ‘document’.

I believe it is more about the journey than any destination so the friends and memories are more important to me than the paperwork. I believe it is best said:

Do not confuse honors with achievements.
– Zadie Smith


Check mark means completed and current (31)
+Plus sign means currently studying and completing this year (8)
 Arrow means that the skill is proposed on my longer term schedule (2)

MBA Management
MBA Leadership
CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Okta Boot Camp
+CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker  – exam scheduled for June 2018
Process Management
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Signavio Process Manager
Project Mangement
Project Manager
Project Requirements Analyst
Product Management
Product Manager
Product Owner
Flawless Consulting I & II
Agile Methodology
Scrum Master
Product Owner
Scrum Master Trainer
Scalar Scrum Master
Spanish I, II
+French scheduled to complete I, II, and III June 2018
+Hindi scheduled to complete I, II,  and III December 2018
German – 2019
Chinese (Mandarin) – 2019
Undergraduate Degrees
Military Science
Game Theory
+Undergraduate Law – 48 lectures
+Undergraduate Economics – 36 lectures
Boy Scouts of America
Woodbadge BSA
Merit Badge Counselor BSA
Webmaster Program BSA
Opal award
Okta Atlas award
US Army Commission
Group Affiliations
+ISC2 Triangle Chapter Member
Boy Scouts of America
Pembroke HOA President /Retired
SEO Hardcore LinkedIn Administrator