GermanyMy family came mostly from Germany.  My mother was born there and came to America when she was 6.  My fathers side came from Germany as well, but Louis Sisler arrived 7 generations before me.  Meantime there was plenty of ancestors who married people from other nationalities but they were relatively unexotic hailing from western Europe.

My Nana spoke German her entire life and would have me recite phrases to record on cassette tapes that were sent back and forth like letters to her family that still lived overseas.  Nana’s blindness prevented her from reading so the correspondence was always recorded audio.

I remember her pausing the record button to tell me another phrase or sentence to recite to mien Tante Irmi or Onkel Hubet.

This language is going to have to wait until I can learn some French at home with my Liza and Jack, but planning for 2019 seems feasible.