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It is only a hobby, but I really like creating websites.

After a database blew out on me I am repairing several sites and they will be added here as they come online.

Troop 244

Configuration and Development using the LAMP stack via Agile Methodology to become Scrum-Master certified

Seeking Emptiness website

Seeking Emptiness

This site addresses topics like:Inclusion
Mind and Ego

MOCC Lions Cricket

MOCC Lions Cricket

MOCC Lions Cricket is for my good friend Neel who is a fantastic cricket player and leads championship teams in the Research Triangle of NC.

Kids and Healthy Eating

Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness is a site that I developed as a front end to a charity that works to raise awareness and money to combat childhood obesity related diseases.

Transcend Endurance

Transcend Endurance

We offer completely free, and totally comprehensive run coaching to individuals and their loved ones who have struggles with mental health or substance abuse issues.