Tuna 200

TUNA200 mapThe Tuna Run 200 begins just outside of Raleigh, NC and finishes 203.61 miles later at Atlantic Beach.

I intend to run all 203.61 miles as a one person team on October 19th, 2016 to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

In 2015 I crewed the last hundred miles of the course for my friend Ashby Ray  who set the course record of 64:50:39.

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Hurricane Matthew has affected a few legs of this route, but the race is still on!

Based on the impact legs 7 – 11 have been washed out and a new route will be published, but not here :).  We may not have the updates until I have already started on Wednesday evening since they will not impact the teams until Friday.

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Turn by Turn Directions

Leg Direction Leg Total
1 Lake Benson Park to Juniper Level Baptist Church 5.53 5.53
2 Juniper Level Baptist Church to Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church 5.69 11.22
3 Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church to White Memorial Presbyterian Church 3.45 14.67
4 White Memorial Presbyterian Church to Piney Grove Chapel Baptist Church 5.61 20.28
5 Piney Grove Chapel Baptist Church to Elevation United Methodist Church 9.08 29.36
6 Elevation United Methodist Church to Four Oaks Civitan 6.88 36.24
7 Four Oaks Civitan to Unity Advent Christian Church 8.14 44.38
8 Unity Advent Christian Church to Stone’s Creek Advent Christian Church 4.82 49.20
9 Stone’s Creek Advent Christian Church to New Zealand PFWB Church 5.40 54.60
10 New Zealand PFWB Church to Bentonville Battlefield Historical Association 4.30 58.90
11 Bentonville Battlefield Historical Association to Selah Christian Church 6.61 65.51
12 Selah Christian Church to Eureka Christian Church 3.69 69.20
13 Eureka Christian Church to New Saint Delight United Holiness Church 7.05 76.25
14 New Saint Delight United Holiness Church to Daughtrey Field 7.43 83.68
15 Daughtrey Field to Union Wesley Church 6.06 89.74
16 Union Wesley Church to Snow Hill Original Free Will Baptist Church 9.32 99.06
17 Snow Hill Original Free Will Baptist Church to BF Grady Elementary School 4.10 103.16
18 BF Grady Elementary School to Pink Hill Elementary School 6.33 109.49
19 Pink Hill Elementary School to Bethel Baptist Church 7.46 116.95
20 Bethel Baptist Church to Pleasant Hill Store and Grill  4.26 121.21
21 Pleasant Hill Store and Grill to Tuckahoe Christian Church 5.54 126.75
22 Tuckahoe Christian Church to Comfort Elementary School 3.64 130.39
23 Comfort Elementary School to Trent River Campground 4.34 134.73
24 Trent River Campground to Jones County Government Complex 6.24 140.97
25 Jones County Government Complex to Jones Senior High School  3.33 144.30
26 Jones Senior High School to Free Will Chapel Church 3.63 147.93
27 Free Will Chapel Church to First Baptist Church of Maysville 8.68 156.61
28 First Baptist Church of Maysville to Onslow County Soccer Association 5.36 161.97
29 Onslow County Soccer Association to Silverdale Elementary School  6.51 168.48
30 Silverdale Elementary School to Midway United Methodist Church 2.60 171.08
31 Midway United Methodist Church to Crystal Coast Assembly of God 8.41 179.49
32 Crystal Coast Assembly of God to Western Regional Beach Parking Lot 4.94 184.43
33 Western Regional Beach Parking Lot to Emerald Isle Boat Landing 3.11 187.54
34 Emerald Isle Boat Landing to Salter Path Regional Beach Access 7.28 194.82
35 Salter Path Regional Beach Access to Iron Steamer Beach Parking  3.00 197.82
36 Iron Steamer Beach Parking to The Circle Beach Access (Atlantic Beach) 5.30 203.12

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The test worked!!!

Once the event starts on October 19th at 6:00pm this page will track my progress through 9 Carolina Counties!!

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[embeddoc url=”http://tunarun200.com/TunaRun_2016_TeamHandbook.pdf” download=”all” viewer=”google”]

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[tabby title=”Pacer Video”]

Ashby had his crew watch Finding Traction and we all found it to be a great way to see what you may be getting yourself into. 🙂