John Sisler

sk8I am not your average teenager, I am 48.

This site is mostly a place to catalog my resume and share my interests.  I look for, and find, inspiration everywhere and try to live to the absolute hilt.

Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is pouring like and avalanche that’s coming down a mountain.

It may not appear obvious, but I have established a taxonomy that is represented throughout the content, and I have tried to maintain a canonical structure as much as possible.

I try to organize myself using the labels of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

  • Body includes running and other physical training
  • Mind includes my résumé and education which has past, current, and planned topics
  • Spirit is a slightly larger aspect and is mostly consolidated on the Seeking Emptiness site that I also author

The reason that the content is not mutually exclusive in one category and not another includes examples like running to the point where the mind takes over the driver’s seat from the body.

The Greek ulatrarunner Yiannis Kouros has said that the footrace begins at 50 miles.  After the first 50 miles all benefits from environmental training and genetic disposition are washed away; and it is the minds that race.  It sounds elitist but I believe that anyone capable of safely running a mile can run 100 miles in under a day, and, that the gap of belief in oneself to do so is why Yiannis’s quote seems so marvelous.

Another example is where an academic approach it tempered with a patience that comes squarely from a more spiritual place.

I believe that life is completely full of paradoxes, such as:

You cannot know how much your cup can hold until you have emptied all it has.

You cannot grow without adversity.

Comfort is overrated