Slipper has a New Home

Slipper has a New Home

I am proud to know the author Tess Rixen.  This is an outstanding work about experiences we all go through as children either moving house, changing schools or entering other established situations as a newcomer.

While Slipper is a small little cat, new to the world, she is not afraid of exploring! Still, this new house feels big and lonely, and Slipper feels a bit scared. She needs to muster up the courage to go outside and speak to someone, and befriend someone as well. How will Slipper get over her fear of this new place and make friends?

Slipper has a New Home” is the first in a series of Slipper and Friends books by Tess Rixen, a thirteen-year-old author who devotes most of her time to writing, and only writing. Here, Slipper tells of the hard transition of moving from an old home into a new one.

Also, check out the Slipper and Friends website that has a special article to meet Bella the bulldog who inspired the character in the book.

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