Bella Sisler

Bella at the beachThis is our Bella who was born in February 2016.

You can send her a friend request to keep up with her.

She is an English Bulldog and is made primarily of the element Bulldogium which is known to be the densest substance in the universe.

Bulldogs are known for being stubborn but they will do anything for cheeses.

I was inspired to put this page up after I took the last pic in the gallery below of her on the chaise.  This is also the night I witnessed her falling asleep on her feet, falling over, and snoring throughout the entire collapse.

I love this dog.

Bella also has a bit of celebrity thanks to the author Tess Rixen who’s book Slipper and Friends features a friendly bulldog that is based on Bella!  You can even meet Bella on the book’s blog!