Get the Heck Outta Here

I met Steve Vai after a show in Ireland, he was really kind to meet with me and Giju, and we all chatted for about a half and hour.

Playing songs from him in high school bands was really cool, but meeting the man behind the music was fascinating.   He is an amazingly grounded and just a humble dude.

He played a new song that night, which eventually came out, but all we knew then was that the show was recorded.

Giju asked if there may be a Vai does Europe (we coincidentally followed him to Paris too, but didn’t get to go to the show).

He said, “Possibly, it’s hard to say, but we’re recording to see what we have after the tour… like tonight, I missed a note.”

To put this into perspective, the song he would have captured that night is an instrumental over 9 minutes long, and he missed one note.

What a dude.

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