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105 miles, but I have run 100 miles a couple of other times, for details you can read about running 100 miles on road or 100 miles on trails
I eat but try not to stop. Nutrition planning is a fairly important part of the plan. Part of long running is managing a calorie deficit.
As little as possible. During a 100 mile or a 24 hour event I would plan not to sleep.
It depends on the terrain. Roads that are mostly flat can take 20 hours but technical trails or hills it takes me up to 24 hours.
Possibly. There is fat in the brain and once you burn that off you can run much farther; although I can't say it has improved my I.Q. 🙂
I love training and perform one event a year for charity. This year will be 200 miles to raise awareness and funds for Wounded Warriors.   More details are also in the events landing page or the online flyer.   Also, there is a larger reason that deals with the basic premise of the way we, as humans, work.   The mind and body are amazingly pliable instruments and adapt to amazing degrees, If you can agree that we only truly grow when stretched and are subjected to discomfort, then what follows is a lot of self-growth; at least that's what I believe.   Make no mistakes, it is not about running 100 at one time at all. compared to the journey of training perhaps 3000 miles a year to prepare for such an event.


To some, a lot actually. There is a fundamental reward when putting together the pieces and getting the content to display just right. A UX interaction that is fundamentally mundane has an inherit challenge in it to develop something delightful.
I think I have the most difficult time modifying complex css. There are times I feel like Peter Griffin below:  

Family Guy - Peter struggles to open blinds from David Loyk on Vimeo.