Infrastructure Automation

I stood in front of an applauding crowd of almost 30 people, and I was smiling.  I was elected president of the (ISC)2 Raleigh Durham chapter and I was happy about it… so why was there a little voice in my head telling me, “you 

Preposterous Popliteus

If you are told that you have an overdeveloped or inflated popliteous you may not know if it is a compliment or not.  I did not :).  Over time I have gone to different massage therapists, even some that volunteered at running events, and nobody 

The Amazing Octopus

The octopus is an amazing creature.  Considering how they have adapted and evolved so differently compared to ourselves and even other sea creatures is fascinating.  There is also an element of mystery about them being from the ocean.  The octopus’s mere form has become an 

Carrier Protein Kinesin

The Kinesin are the molecules that carry protein to nerves, like the amazing network in our brains. Kinesins were discovered as MT-based anterograde intracellular transport motors. The founding member of this superfamily, kinesin-1, was isolated as a heterotetrameric fast axonal organelle transport motor consisting of 

Could PBH’s have created all Dark Matter?

My final paper for this class was to represent the theory that explains that although Dark Matter can be created by a Primordial Black Hole that the amount of Dark Matter in the Universe is far more than the mathematics can support; until recently. The